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MY FIRST POST is posting someone else's

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

My opinions are nothing but a collection of other people's ideas. Translated, and curated into my own...poorly

Let's face it, you aren't here for me yet. If you even read this before going to the markets post I'll be making in a bit. Congratulations.

You should commit to reading some of the fun and curious musings of Laura Duffy.

I attempted therapy exactly three times. I understand that is not considered a valiant effort. Trust me, I’ve been told on multiple occasions. Multiple unsolicited occasions. Despite this shared opinion of many friends and strangers, three times was enough for me to be certain that therapy and I were simply not a fit for one another.

I’ll be posting loads of engaging content, mostly mash-ups of information I have found insightful, useful, and impactful on my life. This will be simple and clear deep dives on things such as the equities markets, trade, mental health, yoga, sharks, and kite surfing.

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